Mindful Mothers’ Support Groups

 Gina Hassan, PhD

Mindfulness-Based New Moms’ Support Group

New Mom's Group Gina Hassan
(For moms and their pre-crawling infants)

Come join other new mothers and their pre-crawling babies in a supportive meditation/discussion/support group aimed at reducing stress, securing self-confidence, and strengthening your emotional connection to your infant and partner. We will practice mindfulness skills, no prior experience necessary, talk about infant-parent attachment, and other topics related to early mothering. Read more

Mindfulness Focused 2nd-Time Moms’ Group

2nd Time Moms Group Gina Hassan
(For moms and their pre-crawling infants who have an older sibling)

Similar to the Mindfulness-Based New Moms’ Group, the 2nd-Time Moms’ Groups are a combination of meditation/discussion/support group geared towards mothers of babies up to 6 months of age, who have one or more older children. These groups meet for 8 weeks and provide an opportunity for moms to talk about the joys and challenges of integrating your newborn into your family and balancing the care needs of your children, yourself, and your partner. Read more

Mindful Mothering Group

Mindful Mothers' Group Gina Hassan
(For moms with babies from 5 to 22 months of age)

This Mindful Mothering Group is for mothers of babies between 5 and 24 months. The group creates a play-space within which mothers can explore the path of mindful mothering, through moment-to-moment awareness. Groups meet in North Berkeley and members make a four-week commitment which can be renewed at any time. Read more