About Us

Perinatal Psychotherapy Services is a collective of three therapists, Gina Hassan PhD, Donna Rothert, PhD and Lee Safran, MFT. The three of us have been working together since 2005 to provide services to the community and to enhance the knowledge of other professionals interested in perinatal work.

We are committed to deepening our understanding and providing excellent services to those facing challenges related to infertility, pregnancy, birth, the postpartum period, reproductive losses and the early years of parenting. We each have over a decade of of experience in the field of perinatal psychotherapy and have taught both locally and nationally at conferences and workshops. We participate in a biweekly perinatal consultation group, offer professional consultation and trainings and host a yearly networking event for perinatal professionals. The PPS practitioners offer individual, couples and group treatment for a wide variety of challenges common to the reproductive years.


Lee Safran, MFT (MFC 35387) is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has worked with women’s health issues for over 20 years. Lee specializes in prenatal, postpartum and parenting issues and has particular expertise working with women experiencing depression, anxiety, insomnia, birth trauma and attachment difficulties after the birth of a child. She has run Postpartum Stress Support Groups for the past 10 years and enjoys facilitating growth and connection for women feeling isolated in their postpartum emotional experience. Lee also offers “From Partners to Parents” workshops and educational series for expecting couples and new parents. She provides workshops, seminars and in-services for organizations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. As a mother of two, she brings a compassionate perspective to the dilemmas of contemporary parenting. www.leesafran.com 

Donna Rothert

Donna Rothert, PhD is a licensed clinical psychologist and mother who has been in private practice for over 15 years. She specializes in perinatal issues, including challenges related to infertility, pregnancy and the postpartum time. Dr. Rothert also has a extensive experience with helping women and couples who have lost a pregnancy or baby. She has over five years experience in leading a weekly pregnancy loss group for women who experienced miscarriages, stillbirths or premature babies who did not survive. She also works with couples who have or are anticipating a perinatal loss for consultation, short-term or longer-term bereavement work. Other areas of expertise include issues related to identity and transitions during the reproductive years and making decisions about current or future pregnancies. A graduate of the Wright Institute, Dr. Rothert has been in private practice since 1997. She has taught on the topics of postpartum depression and perinatal loss and is currently writing a book on perinatal bereavement. www.donnarothert.com

Gina Hassan

Gina Hassan, PhD is a licensed clinical psychologist and mother with over 20 years’ experience working with pregnant and postpartum women. Gina has a strong interest in incorporating mindfulness practices into her work with pregnant women and new moms and offers Mindfulness-Based Mothers’ Groups. She has written on the topic of motherhood and the postpartum transition and her work has appeared in The Psychotherapy Networker, Mamalode, Kindred, Psychcentral, Giggles & Birthways. She has been practicing psychotherapy since 1986 and teaching mindfulness since 2007. She received her doctorate in clinical psychology from Alliant University in 1991 and has had extensive training in perinatal spectrum disorders. She is passionate about helping new moms learn to trust themselves during the transitions associated with motherhood. For more information about her training, background, and philosophical approach, please visit her website at www.ginahassan.com.