From Partners to Parents – Couples’ Four-Session Series

Research shows that most couples experience a substantial decrease in relationship satisfaction in the first year following the birth of their baby.  Come learn (and practice) research-tested tools to strengthen your relationship during this new and challenging time of life.

This four session personalized series is designed for pregnant couples and parents of infants and toddlers to explore their journey into parenthood. Utilizing the research of John Gottman and other experts, you will develop tools to strengthen your relationship and decrease stress during this time of transition.

After filling out a questionaire at home about your expectations and experiences as a couple with children, we will meet four times (either weekly or bi-weekly) to respond to the changes in your relationship brought on by the birth of your child.

Take-home exercises include:

*an initial questionnaire to spur discussion of areas of strength and vulnerability in your relationship

*exercises to help increase friendship and intimacy as well as to de-escalate conflict

*exploration of the “five languages of love” and the ways you and your partner communicate care and affection towards each other

*video clips addressing ways to interact with your child/children in a positive way